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Claribeth Valencia

Date Published: 2021-10-31

You've found your dream home, your offer is accepted and your closing date is 20 days away.We know your mind is on furnishing your house and buying supplies.And you're probably a little overwhelmed with all that goes into moving. Don't jeopardize your chance at a successful closing by making one of these errors.

Here's what NOT to do before closing on your new home:

1. Change jobs
2. Increase debts
3. Apply for new credit
4. Move money without a paper trail
5. Skip a payment or make a late payment for a bill
6. Spend your savings
7. Buy big-ticket items

Lenders will continue to check your credit, income and job stability up to just before closing to see if anything has changed that may impact you qualifying.

Source: Pat Zaby,

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